About Us
Wheeler & Associates, Inc. is a Houston based tax consulting firm that specializes in the collection of ad valorem taxes on behalf of various political taxing authorities. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. provides a complete solution to tax collections and prides itself on the ability to respond quickly to inqueries for Board of Directors, their consultants and the general public. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. has been one of the industry leaders for many years and has provided solid services to taxing authorities because of experienced consultants, commitment to excellence, and leveraging technology to efficiently service client needs.

The governing body of your water district has chosen the office of Wheeler & Associates, Inc. (Catherine Wheeler - RTA, Chief Executive Officer) as their tax office. You may visit the tax office during the office hours. All records are public records and are available for viewing at the Assessor office.

Our Professional Staff
  • Rigid and monitored internal controls of all accounting procedures
  • Continued education required of all personnel in addition to mandatory continuing education
  • Wide network of attorneys, financial advisors and other consultants
Our Secure Building
  • 24 hour camera security throughout the entire building
  • Secure alarm system supported by ADT
  • Security fence surrounding building
  • Armed guard during peak collection season
  • All high security rooms have electronic security pad locks
  • All taxpayer transactions handled at a security window
  • Online electronic security systems
  • Server room secured by coded padlock
  • State of the art firewall
  • Continually updated anti-virus systems
  • Automated backups
  • A Central Control Network that allows us to control the entire network from one area by an on-site, staff IT specialist
  • 24 hour network security provides around the clock surveillance of all connections to the LAN (Local Area Network).
Our Proprietary Software
  • Fully complies with Texas Property Tax Code
  • All unclaimed property, both State and District, fully automated
  • Automatically blocks ALL incorrect type submissions and distributions from CADs
  • Automatically and totally reconciles values from all sources and medias
  • Automatically blocks all double payments
  • Special billings like rollbacks, lawsuits, installments and bankruptcies, handled separately automatically
  • Only specified administrative personnel can accept cash payments
  • Secure calculation input for accounts receivable billing provided by an Assessor who handles the effective tax rate calculation that both sets the tax rolls and assures the balancing of the rolls