Frequently Asked Questions
When is my payment due?
All property taxes are due upon receipt and delinquent after January 31st.
Who do I make my check payable to?
Can I make my payment over the phone?
Can I make my payment online?
Can I pay my taxes in payments?
Can I make payments on my current taxes if I am over 65 or disabled?
How can I change the name or mailing address on my statement?
If my taxes are not paid why does my water get disconnected?
What is a MUD tax?
Why didn’t I know about this tax?
What if I never received a tax bill?
Why didn’t my mortgage company pay my taxes?
Why didn’t you apply my exemption to my tax bill?
Why do I have to pay taxes for the entire year if I didn’t own the property the whole year?
I already pay a monthly water bill, why do I have to pay taxes?
Why didn’t you send a tax bill to my mortgage company?
Why don’t I receive a delinquent notice each month?